4 Free Social Tracking Services for your Business

February 22, 2011

Google AlertsGoogle Alerts is a powerful and free tool by Google that lets you monitor News, Blogs, the Web, Video, News Group or Everything based on keywords or keyword phrases (same syntax as search queries) and get an alert via email or RSS feed (for Google Reader) when a Google Crawler encounters a new occurrence of your specified key phrase.

You can limit the notifications to only get a weekly or daily summary or real-time notifications every time it happens. (http://www.google.com/alerts)

TechnoratiTechnorati the classic blog search engine provides powerful tools that help you monitor if and what folks (like bloggers) are saying about you or your company.

You can subscribe to search results via RSS. The URL search lets you monitor who links to your blog or web site and the tags search lets you monitor the blogosphere for terms and phrases that are relevant for your industry.  (http://www.technorati.com)

JondageJodange automatically filters and aggregates thoughts, feelings and statements from traditional and social media. Beyond the simple tracking of that it is talked about you, the feature TOM (Top of Mind) tracks consumer sentiment about your brand, company or product across the entire world wide web and groups the result accordingly.  (http://www.jodange.com)

TrendrrTrendrr is a tool that lets you search for what people are saying on the social internet about you or your company and also compare it to what is being said about something or somebody else, such as your competitor.  (http://www.trendrr.com)


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