5 How-To ‘Social Media’ Posts for Small Businesses

May 11, 2010

If you only have 30 minutes today it would be worth your time to use the minutes to read one or more of the following articles.  You’ll walk away with the ability to improve your skill level and be better aware of specific strategies to promote your services online.  Follow me on Twitter and you’ll get regular Tweets about Social Media and Small Business.
To create an important hub to reach out to millions of fans, you need to up your game and optimize your fan page to meet its ultimate purpose.  If you want someone to customize your Facebook Fan Page for you just contact me and I will give you a flat rate.
Whether or not your aim is to monetize, most of us bloggers are hoping for the same thing: traffic and productivity – which in a small business scenario translates to customers and revenue.

9 Helpful Tips for Business Blogging – Network Solutions

It’s one thing to create a blog – it’s another to create a blog that readers want to visit again and again. If you’re serious about using blog hosting to meet your business goals, there are nine tips to follow when developing a business blogging strategy.
From the fundamentals of Twitter branding, to the importance of blogging, to getting work done with some great online tools, small businesses face many challenges when trying to understand how to use social media. However, taking the time to learn how to leverage social media and technology to benefit your business will pay big dividends in the long run.  If you want me to stop by or phone conference with me to help you better understand every section of Matt’s Blog contact me and I will give you an hourly rate.
Just as the Internet has evolved over the past decade, cell phones have become much more than devices for making and receiving phone calls.  Today, smartphones can do everything from email, to sync with our desktops, to turn-by-turn driving directions.


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