5 Metrics to Measure IT Customer Service

February 2, 2013

If you want your IT team or department to provide the very best service possible you can not neglect customer service.  Many IT groups need to improve their “us vs. them” mentality and customer service is a great place to start.

IT Customer Service

If you want to measure customer service, here are 5 areas that can help you get started.

  1. Tangibles:  Physical facilities, equipment, appearance of personnel
  2. Reliability:  Ability to perform the service as promised.
  3. Responsiveness:  Willingness to help users and provide prompt service
  4. Assurance:  Knowledge of employees and their ability to inspire trust and confidence
  5. Empathy:  Ability to relate to customer problems


Whether your customer comes to you or you go to them – do you exude a professional air?  Are your clothes professional and appropriate?  Is your equipment working, free from damage and inappropriate stickers?


This is as simple as meeting agreed upon expectations.  If scope changes (and we know that never happens) expectations must be updated and agreed upon.  No surprises!


In certain environments it is best to establish an SLA with customers.  Then meet or exceed the time to address and fix customer trouble calls.  In addition, IT staff should show a friendly willingness to help.


Your customers should have 100% confidence in your team to address their needs.  You should survey them occasionally to find out their confidence level.  This could be nothing more than an IT leader emailing several of your customers and asking 1 – 3 questions.  You can also create or use an existing survey tool.  A survey should tell you quickly whether or not your customers have confidence in your team.


In my career this has been the hardest to teach.  Once a team member understood the importance though, it went a long way in improving our overall performance.  IT staff need to realize not everyone loves technology and has grown up around it.  Teaching every member of your IT team to relate empathetically with customers will go along way in synchronizing unity and moving away from the “us vs. them” environment.



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