6 Tactics to Generate Surge in Visitor Traffic

March 9, 2011

SUMMARY: Marketing teams often focus tactics and goals in a particular channel, overlooking how these channels can complement one another. With a bit of planning, a campaign can harness the strategic value of email, search, social media and other outlets for a single purpose.

See how an online luggage retailer created a premium report based on a survey of e-newsletter subscribers and captured 5x more blog traffic. Includes six key tactics to combine the strengths of email, search, social media and PR.

Tactic #1: Use search metrics to research potential report topics

Tactic #2: Build an online survey

Tactic #3: Send survey request to email database

Tactic #4: Host report download on a dedicated landing page

Tactic #5: Pitch report to media outlets

Tactic #6: Use social channels, even if you don’t have them

Click here to obtain methods & tips to complete each tactic from the source – MarketingSherpa If you’re new to MarketingSherpa be certain to scroll down for the information.  The information is free, but the MarketingSherpa page tends to look as if you must buy something to get at the data. You don’t.

Implementing all 6 tactics is going to take a little work on your part, but it will increase your traffic and credibility. Focus on providing a useful report for your specific industry by making sure you ask relevant questions in your survey.  Good luck.


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