Answers to 10 key community engagement questions for news sites

May 31, 2011

Jeff Sonderman hosted a #wjchat about how news sites can engage their readers on a deeper and more sophisticated level.   #wjchat is a service used on Twitter to conduct online discussions.  Jeff Tweeted 10 questions about community engagement strategy and he captured some of the best responses by journalists and news people.

The 10 Questions he asked were:

  1. Let’s start by agreeing on the terms: What does user engagement mean to you? What does an “engaged” online community look like?
  2. Does your news org have an engagement editor, “community host” or someone similar? Define that position.
  3. What are the best specific ways for a news site to engage users? How do you get users to become evangelists of your content?
  4. Are there specific engagement techniques for mobile? How’s it different w/geolocation and touch interface?
  5. What staff duties and resources does a news company need to invest in to make engagement possible?
  6. What tools, guidelines & moderation tactics are most important for creating active comment sections?
  7. When engaging groups of users to interact, such as chats or comments, should anonymity be banned? Discouraged? Or is it useful?
  8. More on commenting: How do you engage at a level more sophisticated/constructive than flippant comments?
  9. Show me the money: How does user engagement lead to revenue for the site owner?
  10. Statement: To get strong engagement from users, you must give them control. Agree? Disagree? Why?

Read all the answers and responses here:


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