Corrective Action Report

October 8, 2010

Example:   Corrective Action Report

Date:  12/8/2009

Name:   Tom Jones

Dept:  IT – Digital

Reason for Corrective Action:  Poor Performance


Statement to Employee:

Tom, since your 60-day evaluation your performance has severely degraded.  On September 2, 2009 you were spoken to about giving false progress updates and your inability to work independently on bug resolutions.

On October 27, 2009 you were once again spoken to about inability to work independently.  On October 27th you were also talked to about your poor quality and lack of checking your work.

Your response was that your deadlines were stressful and that you had too much going on, but you assured me that you would improve.  I told you that I would help you prioritize since you felt overwhelmed.  You didn’t request help.

On December 6, 2009 you returned from vacation and a few unplanned absences and immediately began to negatively impact the project you were assigned to.  You pushed code live without testing it and broke 2 separate pieces of code; causing an outage of more than 90 minutes.

Other developers have had to rewrite your code due to carelessness in your coding practices.  Your inability to catch-on and work independently is unacceptable.  You have negatively impacted the overall productivity of your project team.   Since you have not demonstrated the ability to assist the team and instead rely on other developers, you aren’t contributing at the level your position description outlines.

Tom, I am beginning a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) with you starting with this officially documented written warning.  If you are not successful in performing the duties and responsibilities of a Senior Java Developer, it will lead to further disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Improvement must be made immediately.  The following project phase deadlines must be met with a “high” level of quality to be successful in this role.  (Please reference code quality levels on quality matrix displayed on war room wall.)

  • Design/Develop the Aggregate Coupon Report and have it approved by me on December 26, 2009.
  • This report must be in TEST on December 27th with only errors that could not have been caught by you during your developer QA.
  • QA should last no longer than a week and the application should be live by January 10, 2010 as long as client approval was obtained.

Your progress of the assignment will be monitored closely.  If the aggregate report project is completed satisfactorily you will be assigned another project with similar expectations.

Failure to complete your assignments with the level of quality required will lead to further disciplinary action up to and including termination.


Action Taken:  Written Warning





  1. […] Step 3:   After HR approval stating that the written warning was warranted, I met with the employee to go over details of the written warning. The written warning had a statement to the employee explaining his poor performance. The written warning included specific examples and dates; it included employee’s comments; included measurable expectations on next project and a monitoring plan. It also stated the consequences of not meeting expectations. Using measurable expectations and a monitoring plan aid in helping the employee fully understand what is expected and adding consequences should avoid the employee being surprised by any further corrective action. [example corrective action report] […]

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