Forced Advertisement – Can you digg it?

May 1, 2010

There you sit reading the news online when you select a link for a video that you are eager to watch.  Then BAM – you’re forced to let a commercial play in its entirety before the content you want to see starts.

I have been a Web user since the early 90’s and have come to expect commercial free content. I very much dislike forced commercials.  At times it even makes me feel negatively toward the brand that is being forced upon me.

I do feel a bit hypocritical too.  I am in the marketing industry.  I understand companies are trying to get their product and services seen by potential customers.  One feature I like during forced commercials is the count down.  This helps set expectations of when the intended video will start.  Oftentimes, however, it lets me know how long I have to do something else before I have to bring my attention back.

I am sincerely torn.  I know it takes dollars to publish and maintain Web content.  The advertisements often are just the way to pay the bills that get the quality content online in the first place.

What about you?  How do you feel about online commercials that are a prerequisite to play before you get to your preferred content?  Is there a better solution?


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