The Social Power of the Beach

May 20, 2010

Chris Brogan doesn’t need any help improving his digital footprint or the positive impact he has with community and social media.  I did, however, think of a way he could sell more of his book, Social Media 101.

I was at Madeira Beach with my niece this past weekend and I brought along my copy of Social Media 101.  When returning from the water there was a lady standing nearby and based on her body language it was clear she had a question.  I assumed the time, but she was interested in the book she saw laying on my towel.

She didn’t know Chris (huh?  LOL), but she has become increasingly interested in social media and wanted some information about the book.  We spent an interesting 15 minutes or so chatting about social media and I showed her around some of the pages of the book.

She typed the name of the book and Chris’s name into her phone – I also gave her some of my social site contact information.

Well, the promotional idea I have for Chris is to have a contest where people should snap a picture of his book in interesting locations.  He could pick the top 3 and offer either cash money – or some of his time.  Just a thought, Chris!



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