Product Owner Competency List

October 21, 2013

If you search the Web for a description listing the attributes of a competent product owner, your results will be endless.  Over the years of assisting or being the primary product owner,  I’ve comprised my own competency list.  Let me know your thoughts and perhaps extensions to this list.

      • Accountable
        • Takes blame and Spreads Glory
        • Keeps business from failing
        • Stress Resistance
        • Generates Customer Delight
        • Adaptability
      • Knowledgeable
        • Domain Expert to increase Responsiveness
        • Knows Product, Customer, and Industry
        • Negotiations Skills
        • Persuasion Skills
        • Relationship Building
          • Available
            • Team Player
            • Team Energizer
            • Excellent Communicator
    • Leadership
      • Enables peer to peer communication
      • Diplomacy
      • Epitomizes Servant Leader
      • Routinely demonstrates the huge contribution team makes to success
      • Flexibility
      • Radical Management
        • Passionate
        • Enables Agile-Scrum mechanisms EVERYWHERE
        • Change Agent
        • Integrates diverse points of view
Even though the product owner is responsible and accountable for the overall success of the product, they must have a supportive team around them.  They have to use their skills to get the very best from everyone.



Product Owner IS NOT:

  • Single-wringable Super Hero
  • Lone genius




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