A portfolio and project management professional that has over thirteen years of extensive experience of innovative oversight of teams and technology who utilizes an anticipatory management style to drive results in a rapidly changing industry. My Daily Goal: Identifying, evangelizing and implementing best practice process improvements to maintain high-performing, lean, agile project teams.
Tammy works well in a rapidly evolving, high-demand environment. She has more than 5 major stakeholders to keep happy, each with their own unique sense of urgency. She leads her team with skill and compassion.” – Melissa Fisher, Chief Marketing Officer
Tammy has the very unique ability to effectively combine business objectives and technical requirements to achieve company goals. She is a terrific manager who has always had a keen eye for talent.” – Todd Leiser, VP Digital Solutions & Business Development
Core Values: Skilled manager that optimizes team dynamics, unites diverse agendas to a common goal, and harnesses strategic and operational drivers to deliver results; uncompromising ethics and transparent communication style.
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