Social Email Marketing: The 5 Essential Elements

January 23, 2013

The debate about social media replacing email has ended according to GoogleMicrosoft, and Facebook. Announcing that they will integrate email and social media for their end users sends a clear message that email and social media are not rivals.  In fact, when appropriately used in concert they create an interconnected marketing strategy.

Incorporate these 5 elements to produce a fertile social environment for your next email campaign.

Make email easy to share.

Social sharing will be the next generation of viral marketing.  MediaPost implies that an e-mail’s reach can increase by an average of 24.3% by providing easy-to-use sharing components.

Get to know your influencers

There is an actual person behind each email address. Clickz shows an example of how to identify our influencers and the real value they provide.

Create Teasers that generate cross-over engagement

Creatively engage those on your social sites to subscribe to your email and vice-versa.  One way is to post new product information on social sites, but put product discounts in emails. Exclusive discounts tend to encourage subscriptions, while news of your discount program spreads on social sites.

Email must encourage dialog

Include a call to action that prompts feedback like requesting new feature suggestions on a current product or ask for help choosing between two color themes for your Blog.  Interacting with subscribers not only builds interest and trust around your brand, it provides useful information about your customers.

Get subscribers to evangelize your content

You’ve  successfully created that fertile environment when your audience consistently shares your email.  But, how do you get them to?  You can just ask or you can try to incent them.

The best way, however, is to always ask yourself this question:  “Are Your Emails ‘Shareworthy’?


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