What does your digital footprint look like?

January 2, 2013

If you’re a small business your digital footprint is growing and you may not be aware of it, but it is imperative that you begin to manage it even though you’ll never be able to fully control it. People are talking about you, scrutinizing you, and making decisions about you.  You don’t even need a website or web profile to have a digital footprint.

Your digital footprint is extremely valuable for a few reasons:

  1. It ensures you have an online presence and can be found.
  2. It empowers you to manage your business’s reputation – in essence you control how your business is perceived.
  3. It equips you with the building blocks for behavioral targeting, personalization, targeted marketing and other social media services both Web and mobile.

As a business owner you want (at the very least) to be keenly aware when someone:

  • Mentions your businesses name or product
  • Rates or Reviews your products or business
  • Accurately or Inaccurately Lists you in an online directory

If you can’t spend the time monitoring this information regularly you should have email alerts set up to notify you when your digital footprint changes.  There are free products you can use to monitor your digital footprint and there are some rather inexpensive tools you can purchase.

If you’re a small business owner and you would like to get a free snapshot of your digital footprint post your business name and address in the comments section and I will reply to you with your digital footprint. I will not solicit you in any way and if you want me to delete your business name and address after you post it – I will.  This is a genuine, free offer to help you discover your digital footprint.   I am interested in doing this so I can see a variety of small business digital footprints from across the country.  I am hoping to understand the questions a business owner has once they know what their digital footprint looks like.  That way I can construct a Q&A section to my Blog.

Once you are able to see your digital footprint you can then determine the best steps to take in order to put it to work for you.  In addition, if you make changes to your digital footprint based on the results I send you – I would like to write about it in a future post.  Having a Blogger write about your business  will expand your digital footprint in a positive manner.



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